Gertrude Stein once famously referred to the young soldiers who went off to fight in WWI as a lost generation.

Description the description in topic is not full due to word limit, please read the attached essay question for full topic question. this is a essay about the book “All quiet on the west end front” by Remarque. it requires 3 peer-reviewed sources beside the book itself. I attached a list of articles(the list is for all the essay questions, not only the topic I chooses) that my instructor recommended for the essay, feel free to use these articles. I am an international student, so make it looks like that it is written by a n on-native speaker. my last order was written by you, and I attached the  essay you wrote last time. please read it, and make sure they are in same style. I would like the grade to be around A- , thanks. Attached files: the book, last essay you wrote, essay questions(I deleted other questions, only left the topic I choose), evaluation sheet, recommended article list

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