Getting to Know Children and their Families

8082 Module 3

Assignment 1: Blog:

Getting to Know Children and their Families

To Prepare:

Use the Walden Library to locate peer-reviewed journal articles, written within the last 5 years, that focus on the “how and why” of getting to know children who are part of a classroom community. Consider topics such as culturally responsive practice or strategies for personalizing learning.


  1. You may need to read/skim a number of articles before you find one you choose to use as the basis for this Assignment.


Assignment Task Part 1

After reading the article you chose, create a 2-3 page post for your blog that includes the following:

  • A summary of the article
  • How this article reflects a rationale and at least one strategy for getting to know children and families
  • How the information gleaned from this article may inform your work related to learning about children and families in the early childhood setting and why this is important
  • An APA citation of the article
  • One resource cited in the article that you would like to read to extend your learning.

Assignment Task Part 2


Read through and respond to 3-4 peers’ blogs and note any resources that might inform your current and/or future early childhood practice and areas of possible research.

Responses in 50 words or more…



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