Glenn goes fishing every weekend. Sometimes it takes an hour to catch a fish, so

Glenn goes fishing every weekend. Sometimes it takes an hour to catch a fish, sometimes it takes 15 minutes, and sometimes it takes 45 minutes. Glenn catches fish on a ______________ schedule of reinforcement.
variable ratio
variable interval
fixed ratio
fixed interval
Lorraine just got a new puppy, and she wants to train it to go through the flap in the back door. Every third time the puppy goes through the flap, Lorraine gives him a doggie treat. Lorraine is using a ______________ schedule of reinforcement to train the puppy.
variable ratio
fixed interval
fixed ratio
variable interval
Lorraine’s puppy pees on the rug, after which she swats him with a newspaper. In this example, Lorraine used ______________ to decrease the chances of her puppy peeing on the rug again.
positive reinforcement
positive punishment
negative reinforcement
negative punishment
Which of the following is an example of negative reinforcement?
Josie fastens his seatbelt when the annoying seatbelt buzzer indicates his seatbelt is not fastened.
Michelle stayed out past her curfew and was not permitted to attend the football game, which makes her avoid coming home late again.
Mark is a waiter who is friendly with customers, so he gets a lot of money in tips, which makes him act even friendlier.
Reed did not return a book to the library on time and was fined $1, so now he will not be late in the future.
Edward Tolman’s experiment on latent learning showed that
rats that were reinforced on the 10th trial learned the maze all at once on the 10th trial, because they were reinforced.
rats learned a maze without being reinforced for running in the maze.
rats that were reinforced for running through a maze were the only rats that learned the maze.
reinforcement had no effect on whether the rats would run through the maze.

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