Global business environment | Operations Management homework help

You are required to select any HK or HK based company of your choice and
critically analyze the global business environment (i.e. PESTEL analysis) for this
company intending to go global.
 You should have a brief description of the company background as the
introduction of your essay.
 The company you select is not necessarily registered in Hong Kong. If a
company’s central management or headquarter is based in Hong Kong, we can
say this company is a HK based company.
 The company you select should NOT be a global company already. Having
business in China or Macau is fine, because Hong Kong and Macau are now
parts of China.
 It should be a company that is contemplating of going global, but you don’t need
to prove it. You just assume it.
 The purpose of the analysis is to find out whether the global business
environment is suitable for the company to go global or not and whether it
should expand into the whole world simultaneously, or into one particular region
only or one particular country only.
 Technology companies tend to be more born global. You may look at the
directory of the companies in the Science Park or Cyberport. Consumer or food
products are more subject to the social/cultural dimension of the global business
environment. You need to carefully examine what kind of goods and/or services
the company provides. It will affect the decision whether the company should
expand its business into the whole world simultaneously, or just expand into one
particular region or into one particular country only.
 Your analysis should be based on the multi-layered PESTEL model.
 If your company is just going to expand into one country, you just need to
conduct your PESTEL analysis at country level.
 If your company is going to expand into one region only, you need to
conduct your PESTEL analysis at regional level.
 If your company is going to expand into the whole world simultaneously,
you need to conduct your PESTEL analysis at world level.
 At the end of your essay, you should have a conclusion. In your conclusion, you
can also discuss which mode of internationalization is most suitable in your case.
1. Your whole essay excluding the title page and references must be around 2000
2. You should use pages of A4 paper using size 11 Arial or Time News Roman font
only (single line spaced).
3. Your essay may contain supporting data, tables, graphs and illustrations.
4. Despite receiving support from within the module, you are strongly advised to
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look for assistance in either the library or on-line regarding the best ways to write
an effective assignment. There is no one ‘agreed standard’ and therefore some
may choose different formats to others. However, your work must be referenced
using the DMU Harvard Referencing System (guides for this can be accessed on
5. A minimum of six quality academic sources of information is required.
6. As you are an undergraduate student a reading list will not be supplied to you.
Part of the task is for you to explore for good quality information that will help
you build up a range of measured evidence to support your own, individually
derived standpoint.
7. Judgment is final and your work will not be reassessed. We will not pre-read draft
versions of your work as it is inappropriate to do so.
Marking Criteria:
Logical development & clarity of argument 20%
Level of research 20%



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