Global Educational Crisis



Education System and Economic System

It is imperative that for a society to achieve economic success, then it must invest in the education system. The connection between the two is, therefore, a matter of interest that has led to governments spending up to trillions in education. In the US, the link is clear whereby the majority of the jobs are awarded to people who have a college education, leaving the school dropouts jobless. In such a country, it is clear that for one to obtain economic success, then they need to be educated. The effect, however, is that there is a significant concentration of white collar jobs than on blue color jobs. The Department of Education continues to invest more in education including offering loans and grants to students who may not be able to afford an education. A major question that has been asked by economists concerning education is whether more education necessarily means more economic growth. This comes about as more countries such as Britain continue to prioritize investment in education. There is no doubt, however, that both primary and secondary education is crucial for a modern society. Neither is there a dispute on the importance of university graduates. In Britain, the economic emphasis on education has led to more students going to universities. This increase has consequently reduced the quality of education hence not producing the best graduates. The economic investment into education thus does not give the expected economic returns. One of the countries that realize how much important a good education is for economic growth, is China. This realization is as it continues in its quest to become a leading global economy. This country’s strategies such as the overall increase in enrollment at all levels and narrowing the gender gap have led to a shift in an innovation-oriented economy. This move has put China on the map as one of the leading global economies.

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Obstacles to full education

Basic education is every child’s right. However, this is not usually the case for most of the developing countries as several obstacles hinder them from obtaining a quality education that is focused on full human development, emphasis on human rights, and one that promotes understanding, tolerance, and friendship. One of the greatest hindrances to education for children is poverty. Although there is a great strive towards free basic education in all countries, some still charge informal fees which some parents might still not afford. These include the cost of uniform, books, and even pens in some developing countries. This is contributed to by a lack of funding for education through global partnership for education. Along with poverty also comes hunger. This greatly hinders the children’s concentration and focus in the classroom as it is very challenging to learn when one is malnourished. Lack of qualified teachers is also a problem. There are not enough teachers globally, and those who are there sometimes lack the effective training. Children end up failing to learn basic skills such as those of math and languages. The lack of infrastructure and resources necessary to support education is also an obstacle. Some countries education systems are faced with a lack of sufficient learning materials, enough classrooms and desks to sit on which leads to overcrowding, and even the complete lack of classrooms which leads to studying outside under trees. All these are obstacles that hinder full education for children.


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