global marketing

Paper details:

Each group should submit a final report of a maximum length of 2500 words. The report should critically analyse and evaluate the marketing approach of your chosen brand and critically assess the competitiveness and effectiveness of the marketing strategies employed in each country. To do so, you will need to conduct a comparative analysis and evaluation of the strategies employed in the UK versus those in your selected foreign country.
The report should consist of all of the following sections:
Executive summary (5%)
Table of Contents
1. Introduction (5%)
2. Main body

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Form I Module Study Guide template Sept 2015 Page 16 of 32
Section 2.1 : The Global Environment (25%)
? Industry global trends ? Background of chosen brand and the role of branding in chosen industry ? Brands global competitors ? Global market segmentation of the brand including consumer behaviour
Section 2.2 : The Total Global Marketing Effort (25%)
? Brand product(s) in the UK and in foreign country ? Brand pricing strategies in the UK and in foreign country ? Brand promotion strategies in the UK and in foreign country (advertising, special promotions etc…)
This section should focus on analysing the differences identified
Section 2.3: Competitiveness and Sustainability (15%)
? Overall evaluation of the brands competitive advantage and sustainability of the brands global marketing strategies this relates to the ability of the brand to continue to operate and expand
3. Conclusion (5%)
4. Recommendations on the brand development in the future (10%)
Bibliography (5%)
? Harvard convention (minimum 20 sources)
Appendices (5%)
Only include information that relates and is referred to in the report
Important information
? This assignment must be in report format ? Include numbered sections and subsections ? Ensure you complete all sections in the report ? Number your pages ? Please remember this is a Level 6 assignment and therefore the report should comprise of at least 20 sources throughout (company and academic literature, books, peer reviewed journal articles, professional journals and magazines) ? Include word count (word count does not include the executive summary or the bibliography)

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