Globalization, Trade Wars and Economic Development


You are a senior advisor to the leader of Bolivia. Given the recent concerns about a trade war between China and the United States, how does this affect development in your country? Prepare a briefing for this leader, and answer the question: How does the global trade war affect your country, and which strategies would be best as a response? Choose three or more policy areas, including trade; capital liberalization; exchange rate policies; multinational corporations and foreign direct investment; immigration, poverty, inequality and development; global governance and democracy; global environment and public health. 1. Grounding your argument in at least one theoretical perspective of IPE of development (liberalism/liberal institutionalism, economic nationalism/mercantilism, Marxism/dependency theory, feminist theories, critical anti-colonial theory, cultural/constructivism), how would your country be affected by the trade war between China and the US? Given this context, which strategies are most important in your country’s top three policy areas? 2. Discuss the assumptions, key concepts, and main points of your chosen theoretical perspective and show how your theoretical perspective best explains this important question of economic policy priorities. 3. Please address two or more counter-arguments from other theoretical perspectives and show how your argument is more convincing. 4. Please provide some evidence from class readings and real world examples to support these claims. 5. Finally, provide a brief recommendation about specific policies for your country to pursue.

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