glst research paper

You will write a 6-page research paper using at least 5 scholarly sources on one of the topics provided in the Research Paper Topics document. You will include the following elements in your paper:

  • Introduction that contains a strong, clear thesis statement and overview of the paper. Include a brief explanation of why this topic was chosen.
  • Body of the paper:
    • Discuss the topic in detail and show the complexity of the issue from the various perspectives found in your research.
    • Include the Biblical worldview in your analysis. Discuss the implications for the chosen topic from a Biblical worldview.
    • Discuss elements for consideration to improve cross-cultural engagement in light of your research.
    • Evaluate all citations used in the paper.
  • Conclusion that clearly summarizes the research presented in the paper.


  • Current Turabian formatting is required.
  • Citations from 5 scholarly sources are required The scholarly sources should include academic journal articles, academic websites, and books that are supported by the author’s own academic research on the topic.
  • A title page and bibliography are required in addition to the 6 pages of content.


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