Gospel of John – Becoming Children of God

Using text BCG which I will send you.

*Compare translations. What words are so different across translations that it is essential to know the original Greek word?

*Narrative context.
a) Where does this particular piece of narrative fit within the immediate section of the Gospel (i.e., Book of Signs or Book of Glory) ?
b) How does this piece of narrative fit within the flow of plot, scene and other elements of the immediately surrounding narrative?

*Details within the passage. What do you notice about how
a) the characters are portrayed;
b) characters engage with each other;
3) setting(including place, time of day, season of year) shapes the story;
4) surprise, twists or other plot elements generate a response in either the characters or you as a reader?

*Insights from the  assigned readings.What from your reading of Becoming Children of God shapes your understanding?

*Insights from your chosen, additional reading. What from your supplied reading resource shapes your understanding?


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