Gothic Art


Paper information

Use the following points as a guide to write and post a review of the website ( about gothic art.

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• Evaluate the website’s general dependability, level of interest, breadth of research, information presentation, etc.
• Include citation information and other descriptive details about the website and its subject at the start of your review.
“Always provide a live link to the URL in your blog post that is configured to open in a new window.
• Make suggestions on how the work might (or might not) be useful for study, etc.
• Identify the intended audience for the work (children, academics, students of various ages or levels, etc.) and take into account its suitability for that group as well as others.
• Justify your decision to concentrate on this specific website.
• Share your thoughts and views about the website’s contents in the discussion; nevertheless, be respectful of other people’s firmly held beliefs and refrain from using the review to further your own, no matter how “right” you may believe it to be.
• DO use images or screenshots from the website (and make sure to provide complete and precise citations in MLA style).
• DO include entire MLA-style citations for all of the sources the website uses, including author, title, and source information. These links should be active and configured to open in an external window.


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