Greek Life Problems

Paper Revision
I’m including a revised paper that I did
the original paper submitted
and the rubric,
Textbook of the theories
Please make sure the APA 7th edition is correct. super important


Describe a post-secondary institution and an incident, event, or series of events, phenomena, etc. that highlight an intractable problem in higher education.


Why is this an intractable problem?
What are the issues that contribute to the intractable problem?
Who are the stakeholders?
Who is impacted directly and indirectly?
What is the impact?
How do we know?
Does the impact reflect disparities in minoritized groups?
What policy or law is violated?
Is there an issue with the policy, violation, or both?
How have these problems been engaged (or not) in the past?
Refer to the rubric for more information about assignment details and expectations.


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