Greif Childhood Bereavement


The cover/title page and “header requirements” from your weekly short writing projects must be used for midterms.
4–5 pages at most. (Your title page and source page are not included in the maximum number of pages.) Although not needed, using a table of contents, headings, or both to arrange your work is advised. If you utilize these tools, you can submit them voluntarily, but they won’t contribute to your page’s maximum.
• Pages must be typed in Times New Roman with a 12-inch font, 1.5-inch spacing, and 1-inch margins.
• There must be a source page. A minimum of 8 sources must be used, 4 of which must be chosen readings from the texts assigned up until week 8.
• Developmental Factors Paper in MLA Format:
Write a 4-5 page research paper on the following (using the outline below and responding to each question in one of two paragraphs) and choose one of the developmental factors discussed in class (such as trauma, generational trauma, PTSD, child abuse, grief, special needs, neurobiological development, poverty, family development, and/or oppression):
Discuss at least one developmental theorist of your choice whose published theories support or explain your topic if it depends on nature, nurture, or both. • How have family development and structure affected your topic? • The history of your topic • The definition and construction of your topic in childhood (and if that construction has changed over time or in different settings). • Changes related to your topic over time
• Important historical events, laws, and regulations relating to your issue; Controversy surrounding your topic and/or significant divergent viewpoints How your topic has been portrayed in art, music, and literature (and if not, why);
• A chronological comparison of your subject, including a description and discussion of one relevant historical event and one contemporary occurrence.
• Extra credit is awarded for any instances of “empowered children” in relation to your topic; you must mention the particular kids and explain how they were empowered within the context of history, culture, time, etc.
Your essay must concentrate on how the subject affects kids (of any age), not adults.

20% grammar, clearly formatted, proofread, incorporates MLA, and the necessary layout
The highly obvious paper structure and the well-organized paper flow are proof that 10% of papers used an outline.
10% from the assigned texts, 8 minimum sources
10% Research depth: thorough, imaginative research as demonstrated by original sources that support your paper
10% Keeping to the allotted number of pages
10% possibility of incorporating class material and knowledge into the language used in the paper Each query received a full response that was supported by the text and outside sources.
10% use of comparison and critical thought in writing the capacity to use outside sources and what has been covered in class up to this point to draw fresh conclusions about your issue and to cross-analyze text and learnings.
10% imagination and evocative language

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• Additional sources can get you up to 5 points of extra credit.
• You will receive extra points if you can provide any examples of “empowered children” related to your topic. (5 extra points maximum)


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