Group Assignment Performance Management


In order to contribute to the attainment of the organization’s performance targets in your capacity as an HR professional, you must show that you have the necessary degree of expertise and understanding of the performance appraisal process.
You will demonstrate your understanding of the following in this assignment:
1. The goal of performance management, evaluation, and review and how it relates to company goals
2. The performance management laws, regulations, and organizational best practices
Conduct research on the subject of performance management in an established organization. You must select a company from whom you may obtain the necessary information to accomplish the aforementioned goals and effectively finish the task.
You should aim to gather both primary and secondary data, including the organization’s performance management and appraisal systems.
Using the data you have gathered, explain what you have discovered:
1. Describe the organization’s structure, goals, and strategic direction.
2. Evaluate the organization’s system for performance management. You must review the best practice suggestions from your textbook and other relevant material in order to accomplish this. To evaluate and contrast your chosen organization’s performance with that of competitors, it may be useful to determine whether you can obtain their performance data.
Give between 3 and 6 conclusions you’ve drawn from the data you’ve analyzed with regard to the aforementioned goals and objectives.
What suggestions (and why) would you make to enhance your organization’s performance management system?

Then, you must create PowerPoint slides that contain the key points you will discuss in the report.

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