Documentation Template

In your notes, make an effort to: • analyze your own performance, being honest with yourself; • assess your improvements in comprehension and task completion; • express your feelings about your learning; • draw connections with theory acquired in class and labs.
• Show that what you learned in class or lab transfers to the real world.
• Complement the material covered in other courses, such as pharmacology and counseling.

What, What Else, and What Next?

What? Briefly but objectively describe what occurred in the clinical
• Provide a response to the inquiry, “What did I do, read, see, hear, etc.?

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How Come? Describe the events.
Describe what you saw and heard, your newfound insights, how they relate to what you learned in class or in the lab, how you felt, etc.
• Your conclusions and any assumptions you have
• Provide an explanation for what this might signify. What motivated me to perform this nursing action? What came out of it? Was the outcome what I had expected?

Next, what? Make decisions that are clearly related to the observations made and assess the effectiveness of what was observed, learned, and done. Be sincere, and give yourself some helpful feedback.
The query, “What is my opinion about what I observed or experienced?” is answered by evaluation. Why?
• Consider how you’ll use this information; what are your suggestions? (Be specific.) Think about how this experience will benefit you in the future.


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