Gun Control and 2nd Amendment will not stop gun violence


Paper detail:

You will be writing an argument on any topic you would like to further research. You can discuss the environment, social media, politics, etc. You must be sure you are making an argument and not just giving out information. Paper Requirements: -You must utilize at least 6 sources for this paper. You must use credible sources. Unless they are serving as historical context, they should be published in the past 10 years and be peer-reviewed. They should be found through the library database. Use print or electronic sources. -You should discuss the relevance of the issue in our contemporary society as well as give historical context and discuss the relevance. -You must have at least one counterargument that you refute. -8 sentences per paragraph -Your paper should be in MLA format and have a Works Cited page. -Your paper should be 7-9 pages. If you do not write at least 7 full pages, I will not read your paper. -You must turn in an Annotated Bibliography. 

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