HAE MIN LEE CRIMINAL PROFILING ASSIGNMENT Listen to the Podcast about the invest

Listen to the Podcast about the investigation of the murder of Hae Min Lee (season one) https://serialpodcast.org/season-one. You may also want to do some additional research of the case before beginning the assignment. However, I believe that the information provided by the Podcast is more than sufficient to complete an excellent profile. There is voluminous information about this case including additional podcasts but you should be careful about the validity of some of the sources that you may locate. You will prepare a written (typed) profile of the offender or offenders in this case. Your profile may include, but is not limited to:
agesexraceemployment status/adjustmentmarital statuslevel of intelligenceresidence with respect to the crime scene or scenesorganized or unorganizedpossible motivationspre and post offense behaviorpersonality characteristicslife styleprior criminal arrest historysexual adjustmentappearance and grooming
Your profile should also include any investigative recommendations or interrogation strategies that you are able to make. You should divide the report and into segments such as crime scene analysis, victimology, organized /disorganized, victim and offender risk, profile and investigative and interrogation recommendations. Remember to incorporate any aspects of staging, personation or undoing. You must provide the instructor with a bibliography of your sources. Your research may uncover previous profiles of this case. If so, please construct your own profile. Reproducing an existing profile will result in failing the assignment. I would expect most of these profiles to be 4 to 8 (double spaced with size 12 font) pages long.Look at the Sandra Astorga homicide profile which is attached as an example.

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