Half-Life Calculation


Imagine you are trying to help a colleague understand some basic concepts about psychopharmacology. Write a brief paper to address the following: Explain the concept of half-life for a drug.

Differentiate between half-life and steady state. Explain the difference between potency and effectiveness of a drug. Respond to the following scenario: If a drug has a half-life of six hours, how long will it take for the drug to be eliminated from the body after administration of a single dose? Explain how you arrived at that particular cutoff score for complete elimination. Show your calculations on a timeline or graphs to illustrate the changes from 100 percent of the initial dose to your end point for complete elimination. Additional Requirements Length: 2–3 pages of content plus title, abstract, and reference pages. Include at least one current, scholarly reference from a peer-reviewed academic journal or academic book. References should be no older than 5 years. (the reference is below and attached) Gunaydin, H., Altman, M. D., Ellis, J. M., Fuller, P., Johnson, S. A., Lahue, B., & Lapointe, B. (2018). Strategy for extending half-life in drug design and its significance. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 9(6), 528-533. doi:10.1021/acsmedchemlett.8b00018

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