HAT301: Attraction and Event Management

The purpose of this individual assignment is to develop student skills in understanding the role of events and attractions within the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. This will enable you to learn the building blocks of the events management. Individually, you are required to analyse an event of your choice and create a brief 800 words event overview of its core elements.

In your event brief you must consider the following aspects: I. Title Page II. Event Brief Analysis: a. Identify the type, dimension and associated attractions of the chosen event.

b. Provide a brief analysis of the categorisation indicators such as ▪ Form or content (e.g. Sports event, cultural event, business event, etc.) ▪ Location and Size ▪ Budget considerations ▪ Number of participants c. Identify Event Stakeholders and discuss their involvement in the chosen event. III. Reference List You must incorporate theories and concepts related to events management discussed in the topics from weeks 1 to 4. In preparing your event brief, you will need to use at least 12 sources of information that are referenced in accordance with Kaplan Harvard Referencing Guide. These may include corporate websites, g

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