Hate Crimes

Please answer the following questions:
a) In-depth definition of the type of victimization. This includes cited definitions as well as students.  Has the definition changed over time?  Why?
b) History of type of victimization (nationally and internationally). This includes general information about frequency/prevalence of the type victimization.  Has it changed over time?  What has this type of victimization “looked” like over time?  What are examples of this type of victimization?

need to address the perception that society has of the particular type of victimization as well as what the best way to address/respond to this type of victimization is. In your paper, please answer the following questions:
1.    a) Perception of the type of victimization.  What is the societal perception of this type of victimization?  Is society generally sympathetic?  Does society victim blame?  Does society generally focus on this type of victimization compared to other types?  Is this type of victimization a priority for the criminal justice system?  Why or why not? For example, if your victimization is rape, you might discuss information regarding rape myths and/or victim blaming.  If you are discussing white collar crime, you might discuss how the demographics of most white collar criminals influence the societal response.
2.    b) How to best address this type of victimization.  Based on all that you have read, what is the best way to address this type of victimization?  How can it be prevented?  How can the criminal justice system respond after this type of victimization has happened?

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