Hate Crimes: Identity Politics or Equal Protection Policy Paper.

Research Question: Do hate crime statutes reflect unnecessary identity politics or appropriate governmental response to a unique victimization? Explain both sides of the argument. The following materials below (nine sources) must be utilized in writing this research paper, but you can use 3 outside sources within the last years that will accurately provide support in arguing for or against your argument – Pezzella, Frank S. (2017). Hate Crime Statutes: A Public Policy and Law Enforcement Dilemma. Please refer to chapters 4-7. Each of the areas within these chapters is important in writing this paper, but I wanted to point out: In Chapter 4: page 40 – Bias Crime Offender Typology In Chapter 5: page 49 – State Hate Crime Statutes In Chapter 6: page 56 – Motive and Mental State of Hate Crime Offender – Pezzella, F. S. & Fetzer, M.D. (2017). The likelihood of injury among bias crimes: An analysis of general and specific bias types. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 32(5), 703-729. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0886260515586374?casa_token=cJLWV4RAV-4AAAAA%3Akyj_w1KcqG9CyVENc0BUDpCA1yY-XPWgxds7oGzQepjXMIsxLA – Fetzer, M. D. & Pezzella, F.S. (2016). The Nature of Bias Crime Injuries: A comparative analysis of physical and psychological victimization effects. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 08862. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0886260516672940?casa_token=zdLQqxB9q-8AAAAA%3AeB_N5caL5SZEH9bzuRMaIHNLWc3s1IHnk9MnrbDMCsT7qXEitZrJf – Messner, F. S., McHugh, S., & Felson, R. B. (2004). Distinctiveness characteristics of assaults motivated by bias. Criminology, 42(3), 585-618. file:///C:/Users/kissandra/Downloads/StevenFMessnerSuzanneMcHu.pdf – RAV v. City of St. Paul 505 U.S. 377 (1992) – Wisconsin v. Mitchell 508 U.S. 476 (1993) – Aprendi v. New Jersey – 14th Amendment – 1st Amendment As you write this research paper, be mindful of a few important key points: – Layout the opposing argument first – Then agreement in support then justify it – Keep the research question in mind as you write – Don’t be too broad just stick with the main issue in the question – Be clear in answering both sides of the argument and then take your stand – Always present valid and strong evidence to back-up your various claims As you write this paper, it will be beneficial to speak about how hate crimes: – Defensive hate crimes – May sometimes affect only those who shout the loudest – Affect those individuals who facilitate hate crimes – How hate crime statutes only protect certain groups like religious group – No protection for minority groups – Hate crimes by associations – Prestige hierarchy – Is the hate crime statutes board or vague and please explain? – Why some person get attack and not others – Why a person gets more prison time than others It is quite important that you pay close attention to the grading rubric provided below: Novice Competent Proficient Background & Analysis of Current Issues 2 (8%) 4 (16%) 6 (24%) Discussion of Opposing Position 2 (8%) 4 (16%) 7 (28%) Discussion of Research Evidence to Support Position 2 (8%) 4 (16%) 9 (36%) Technical Proficiency (APA citations, Typos, Spelling, Grammar) 1 (4%) 2 (8%) 3 (12%)

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