HCR 362/HED 562, SECTION 2

HCR 362/HED 562, Section 2

Cultural Competence in Health Care Textbook/Readings: There is no prescribed text. Each week, readings will be assigned.

Goal: To teach students the tools they need to provide culturally competent healthcare, to create culturally competent health messages, and to evaluate cultural competence within a healthcare institution.

Goal: Throughout the course, we will pay close attention to our self-awareness and understanding of the complexity of diversity and culture in healthcare.

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Classes will be taught using a combination of lectures, videos, small-group exercises, and guest speakers. Please be aware that this is a work in progress and may alter depending on the demands of the students. Any changes will be communicated to you.
• Time/Location: We will meet on Fridays in the Murchie Science Building, Room 329, from 9:30 am to 12:15 pm.
• Requirement(s): completion of ENG 112 with a grade of C or higher and junior standing (55 credits).
• Assignments: There isn’t a textbook requirement. Reading assignments from articles posted on Blackboard will be given often. There will be one final paper in addition to four regular paper assignments. Additionally, participation in mandatory Blackboard Threads will be necessary. No late submissions will be honored. Because emergencies happen, have your papers done early in the week?
• Grading and Attendance: You must be present in class the entire time. Every three courses missed will result in a loss of one letter grade, and every three half-sessions will result in a loss of one letter grade. Your course grade will be determined by how well you have met the objectives of the course and how much you have contributed to the class. Your performance on the final paper (20 points), the four papers (60 points in total), and your participation in class and on Blackboard (20 points) will all factor into your course grade. Because participation credit is cumulative, it doesn’t matter whether you show up for class on the first day or the last.

• Letter GradePercent Grade A+ Grading 97-100 A 93-96 A- 90-92 B+ 87-89 B 83-86 B- 80-82 C+ 77-79 C 73-76 C- 70-72 D+ 67-69 D 65-66 E Below 65
• Electronic Devices: During class, laptops, cellphones, and other devices must be off.

• Blackboard Threads: You are expected to contribute meaningfully to each Blackboard thread (do not replicate comments from others). Follow the instructions given in class or on Blackboard to receive credit. Points will reduce your participation grade for each week you don’t make the minimum number of posts.

• Instructor communication: Please email BOTH instructors with all electronic correspondence. One instructor can be the recipient of the email, but make sure to include the other instructor as well. We rarely visit the office of Health Sciences and Administration, so kindly do not leave anything there for us.

• Paper Submissions: You must turn in two copies of your papers (one for each instructor) before the due date in class. To be accepted, papers MUST be stapled. You must send BOTH instructors your paper before 9:30 a.m. on the day it is due if you are absent from class on the day it is due. This means that on the day of the due date, papers must be in the inboxes of both teachers by 9:30 a.m. On the day of submission, papers received after 9:30 a.m. will be deemed late and not accepted.

• Writing: Our department places a strong emphasis on effective writing. All of our students are encouraged to use the writing lab, which is situated at 559 FH, 766-6602. The prerequisite for 300-level courses is ENG 112.

Extra Credit: This course does not offer extra credit.

• Special Accommodations: Call Accessibility Services at 810-762-3456 to request academic adjustments due to a handicap. They are able to give disabled students immediate support. To make sure the accommodation can be used, special accommodations should be requested before the first week of class.

• Academic Integrity/Honesty: The most critical value in an academic community is intellectual integrity. Both academics and students are required to conduct their scholarship with the utmost honesty and integrity. No type of plagiarism (see below), fabrication, falsification, or helping someone else commit dishonesty (such as having them sign another student in on the sign-in sheet) will be accepted. Such infractions could lead to sanctions ranging from a failing grade or expulsion from the university to the revocation of a degree.

• Plagiarism: Taking credit for someone else’s work or ideas, submitting a piece of work that is partially or completely not the student’s work, and failing to properly and thoroughly credit those same elements to their sources are all examples of plagiarism. Information obtained from the Internet is included in this.

• Drop Deadlines: If you miss the first two class periods or don’t show up before the add/drop deadline (accessible via the link below), the instructor MAY request to drop you (at the instructor’s discretion). Student Voluntary Drop: You must drop a course by the deadlines specified in the calendar in the link below if you do not plan to finish it. Please take note of the variations in tuition reimbursement for each drop date.http://www.umflint.edu/registrar/calendars.htm

Sept 4

racial and ethnic diversity

Assignment: Race and ethnicity discussion thread

Sept 11

Introduction to Cultural Competence/Race History

Video: The House We Live In Race Power of an Illusion

Reading assignment: “How Racism Hurts Literally”
The article “Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Highlights from Focus Group Findings”

The first paper is due on September 18th.

The Social Determinants of Health and the History of Race and Health

Videos: In Sickness and Wealth, Unnatural Causes

Worksheet: Readings

The phrase “Whites Swim in Racial Preference.”
The subject of “Understanding White Privilege.”

White Privilege Discussion Thread, September 25

White Privilege is the theme.

Tim Wise discusses White Privilege and Affirmative Action in a Video.

Readings for the assignment include “A Gardeners Tale” and “10 Things to Know About Health” (Unnatural Causes).

Oct 2

Theme: Racial Disparities and Health

When the Bough Breaks The Gardner, Unnatural Causes (YouTube, Camara Jones)

Readings for the assignment: “Internalized Racism: Another Piece of the Puzzle”
Thread of Discussion: Internalized Racism

Oct 9

Theme: Internalized racism and the development of racial identities

A Girl Like Me in Video

Reading assignment: “Paved with Good Intentions”

Paper Task #2 is due on October 23.

Oct 16

Fall Break No Classes Oct. 23

The racism that is internalized

Eye of the Storm, a video
A Female Like Me

Worksheet: Readings

The question “Is the U.S. Income Gap Wider Than You Think?”
“Why Everyone Suffers in Uneven Societies”

Social Location Discussion Thread: October 30th, Place Matters

Park Avenue, in the video

Worksheet: Readings

Ted Talks: Richard Wilkinson Lecture

Third Paper Due on November 6 November 6

Native American health and cross-cultural communication are the themes.

Video: Bad Sugar as an Unnatural Cause

Assignment due: TBD November 13 Theme: Evaluating Health Messages

Video: Health Literacy: Educate Your Patients

Paper Assignment #4 is due on November 20.
Theme: Health Communication Across Cultures

Community Voices in video

Explanatory Models for Determining the Meaning of Health, Readings

Due date for final paper: December 4

Thanksgiving Break: No Class on November 27

Dec 4

Theme: Models of Explanation for Determining the Meaning of Health

Worlds Apart, a Video

Readings for the assignment: “Reel Eyes Disability Models.”

Dec 11

Theme: Graduate Student Presentation on the Perspectives of People with Disabilities

When Billy Broke His Head, a Video

Project: Discussion Discussion: Disabilities



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