Skin Doctors Fraud

Skin Doctors fraud features Dr. Michael Rosin who is a well respected community member in Florida. He is also a family man and a dermatologist who have been preying on the elderly people to fraud the government million of dollars. The fraud took place in Florida where Dr. Rosin was based and where he carried out all his operations which his employees.

The fraud started and came to be known when one of Dr. Rosin patients, Ellen Murray became suspicious after some biopsy he performed was diagnosed as cancer. The patient later came to Dr. Rosin employee to demand the slides that had been used for all along and the previous biopsies before taking them to examination. Carolyn Ferrara who was one of the Dr. Rosin employee hands over three slides to Mrs. Murray who takes them to an outside dermatologist to verify the nature of the slides used. The dermatologist reveals to her that the slides do not reveal cancer, and they were badly prepared, and the two remaining can not be identified to be containing skin. The slides were in bad condition that could not be used to diagnose anyone and they needed thorough inspection and verification before they could be used. This makes Dr. Rosin office manager; Ferrara and Mrs. Murray file a lawsuit against Dr. Rosin, which acts as a whistle blower to all that not aware of the fraud.


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