Health Advocacy Campaign

Health Advocacy Campaign
ii. Health Advocacy Campaign – beginning of page 2 (match the title page title)
1. Write a couple of sentences introducing the topic. The section needs to also include a purpose statement such as “the purpose of this paper is to…review the major concepts…”
Population Health Issue and Population Affected
Advocacy Programs Researched in this Area
Effective Attributes of the Programs
Health Advocacy Plan
Objectives for the Policy Implemented
How Information will be Conveyed to Various Stakeholders
Data and Evidence to Substantiate Proposed Need
How Attributes of Effective Advocacy Programs Researched Can Be Applied to this Proposed Campaign
Enactment of Policy through Modification of Existing Policy
OR Creation of New Legislation
How Existing Laws or Regulations could Impact My Advocacy
Analysis of Methods used to Influence Legislators
Summary of Anticipated Obstacles and How I will Overcome these Hurdles
Ethical Dilemmas that Could Arise and How They Would be Resolved
Ethic Laws and Reporting Requirements for this Campaign
Ethical Challenges Unique to the Population

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