Your healthcare organizational paper will follow the general format as listed: Each student is required to select a
hospital/medical center as their topic for the organization paper. Guidelines will be provided in
course documents.
Approval of the topic by the professor is required. Electronic submission of completed
research paper is required by week 12 (April 20, 2015) by the end of the day. An
assignment drop box will be provided in Blackboard.
All papers should be in APA format (2010); five pages (minimum), title and reference does not
count as part of the document pages; 12-point font; Times Roman or Arial; 2.0 line space and
one-inch margins all around. Reference requirements – a minimum of 7 references from reliable
scholarly sources (rubric provided). Scholarly research: No Wikipedia, E-How, newspapers
(with the exception of the Wall Street Journal), or dictionaries. Suggested websites include
Health grades, State of Illinois/Healthcare, US News and World Report Top 100 Hospitals,
Hospital Website, Joint Commission or DMV, and other websites that support your
research on the hospital.
HLAD 3105

Deliverable:  You are to select a hospital (a non-for profit) and then describe the hospital by first providing an overview of the system (name, type of system, mission, vision, values, services, service area, and location).  Using some of example headings describe the major provisions of governance, ownership, services/departments, staffing, quality initiatives, and financials.  Health care organization paper, research format (link provided below).  The paper should be in APA format (2010), 12-point font, Times Roman, double spaced, one-inch margins all around, a minimum of five (5) pages, but no more than five (5) pages. This does not include the title page or references.

Example Headings:

Health Care Delivery
Continuum of Care (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
Organization Structure
Health Care Professionals and Ancillary
Accreditation and Licensure
Performance (Quality)
Future Trends

Your healthcare organizational paper will follow the research format as listed:

The Publication Manual of  the American Psychological Association (6th ed., 2010) and the APA Style web site ( provide a comprehensive reference guide to writing using APA style, organization,  and content.
GSU provides students a plethora of writing services at the Regional Writing Center, . If you need writing support, please contact them for on-line paper submission or individual tutoring.

Rubric: Organizational Paper

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