Health care policy/ nurses and electoral process

  Go to the following link:
The American Nurse: 
Reflect on the role that the electoral process and government plays in one’s daily work and family life. As nurses, health policy can influence both arenas  of our lives (daily work and family life). 
1- What policy issues might drive nurses to lobby Congress and/or get involved in campaign politics? 
2- What strategies might nurses use to have their voices heard? 
at least 3 scholarly sources are requested (No older than 5years).  One of the sources is the following :
The American Nurse: 
Examples of scholarly sources:
-Published journal articles, books and other works (encyclopedias & newspapers)
-Official websites ending in .gov, .org, .edu (CDC,NIH,ADA,WHO, HARVARD, FIU,FNU)
Do not use Sites such as Wikipedia, WebMD, Nursingworld, Allnurses they are NOT scholarly sources.



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