Modify This IOS Program


1. Change the cell layout to use the other two styles.

2. Expand the settings screen to allow for specifying two sort fields. Then have the sorting be done by first one and then the other field.

3. Choose different fields from the Contact class to display in the table.

4. Change the display in the table to look like this instead: Main label: Superman from Metropolis. Detail Label: Born on: April 18, 1938.

5. Change the app so when the user taps the + button to add a new Contact, the Contact screen is put into edit mode and the cursor placed in the first text field.

6.  add a delete button to the Alert Controller, and implement the functionality to delete the chosen contact.

7. Use the destructive style for the button.

8.  Add the ability to sort by a secondary field (e.g., sort by name within the city).

9. Find a way to have the picker for the sort field display the fields with uppercase words and the name as Contact

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