Writing Assignment Instructions

Your assignment is to summarize an article from the Medscape website using *APA format.

A. Use of Medscape is FREE, requiring a simple one-time member registration.  To register, click on ( (Links to an external site.)). This is an excellent resource for medical articles for professionals and students, so bookmark this site to your computer for future reference! Remember your username and password!

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B.  Once you are on the Medscape website, pick a specialty, found on the left hand side of the page (ie. Cardiology, Geriatrics, Pediatrics). Next, go to “Journal Articles” (on the right side, about mid-page down).  Click on the “more” button.  Articles will be listed in a date arrangement.  You must pick an article from this list dated after August 1, 2016. Try to pick an article that is more than one page long, so you will have enough material to discuss. Make SURE you use APA formatting to cite the article you choose to write on.

C.  You will take notes as you read this article, especially on the following:  1) medical terminology that you may not knowDEFINE these terms  on a list at the end of your writing assignment headed UNKNOWN  TERMINOLOGY.  2) medical terminology that you may already knowlist these terms  under the heading KNOWN TERMINOLOGY. You do not have to  define these terms.  3) important points brought up by the author regarding the medical  condition, treatment, medications used, etiology,etc.

D.  Now that you have a working knowledge of the authors viewpoints and the terminology used in the article(s), write, in your own words, a summary of the article.  1. Even though you are using your own words, you will need in-text citations as some of the information you will be using will be statistical in nature. Remember from the orientation powerpoint: any thought not your own should be cited.

E. Your written assignment should contain all of the following:  1.  Cover Page 2.  Summary of the article (1 inch side margins, double-spaced; Times New Roman font, size 12 regular; do not use bold print) 3.  Unknown Terminologylisted with definitions 4.  Known Terminologylisted (do not have to define) 5.  Reference Page


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