Health Legislation/Policy

Health Legislation/Policy
Health Legislation/Policy Proposal (40 points)
Students will be required to identify a national, state or local healthcare issue which as an ethical or political component. Students will be asked to draft a model piece of legislation or policy de- signed to deal with this problem. Guidelines for how to write the Health Legislation or Policy Proposal are on Blackboard. The page requirement will be 5-10 pages, with the critical question being whether or not the proposal is effective, not how long it is. It can be longer. Each legislative proposal will contain the following sections: Introduction to the Problem, Policy Proposal, Supporting Statements, Policy Alternatives, and Summary . Students will be expected to cite all references using APA writing style guidelines. To accomplish this, you will want to review the AP A tutorial online http://www
The legislation/policy proposal will be due in class on W eek 5 unless otherwise indicated on Blackboard. Submit it on paper, in class.
Grading criteria:
(1) Introduction & Background (12 points total) (2) Policy Proposal (10 points total)
(3) Supporting Statements (8 points total)
(4) Policy Alternatives (5 points total)
(5) Summary (2 points total)
(6) Organization of paper, including length, spacing, font, spelling
and grammar (3 points total)

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