health policy issue between federal government and state of california research paper


Conduct research of a health policy issue of interest to both of you that results in a written point paper. The topic should be one where there is a relationship between healthcare and government (Federal and California State Government). The topic can not be the same topic as that of the model answer.

Step 3: Prepare a paper on that topic which addresses the following specific points.

1. Describe and discuss the topic in general
2. Describe and discuss pertinent issues to the delivery of healthcare are raised by this topic
3. Analyze governmental involvement in this topic
4. Review and analyze at least five (5) references in the literature discussing this topic
5. Identify and discuss the position of a current policy of a Federal and California State
Administrative Agency related to this topic
6. Identify and analyze one current Bill being considered (not passed into law) regarding this
7. Provide a conclusion as to what should happen in the healthcare domain related to this issue in the future, and why.




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