Health promotion

Select ONE health issue relevant or of particular interest to this work. For example, an Emergency Physician may choose alcohol misuse, a Remote Area Nurse might choose diabetes, a Community Worker might choose obesity. The topic can be related to a disease – e.g. dengue fever, diabetes, trachoma or a risk factor – e.g. smoking, physical inactivity.
Prepare a written assignment that examines the following discussion points:
1. Description of your chosen topic/health issue including some brief statistics about the issue (we are not looking for too much detail but would like you to provide some up to date, relevant data and statistics).
2. Selection and critical analysis of relevant social determinants of health that impact upon the issue and influence the ability of people to control, manage or impact upon the issue (please note we are not looking for risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse etc (although these could be the issue you choose), but for underlying determinants such as those discussed in Module Two. A minimum of three to four determinants should be discussed but more is acceptable if relevant.
3. Critical discussion of why someone in your profession/discipline should understand the underlying determinants of health.
This is a formal piece of academic writing and it is expected that you will include an introduction to set the scene for the assignment and introduce the topics under discussion, and a conclusion where main points are summarized and drawn together. It is expected that you read extensively on the issue and topics under discussion and that you reference appropriately. Peer reviewed references such as journal articles are preferred or reports from government websites or other agencies such as the WHO

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