Health Promotion Intervention Plan

Health Promotion Intervention Plan

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Please note that this paper is a continues of the two documents attached. Both documents attached has the professor corrections she found. Please guide yourself with the corrections when doing this new project.
the topic of this paper is “Health Promotion Intervention Plan”
professor directions:
Continuing on with your course project, the topic for the week is to develop your intervention plan about your chosen topic – the who, what, when, where, and how. The following are suggested headings as found in the rubric. The first three are Level One and the last three are Level Two under Details of Evaluation Plan.
1.Summarize Intervention Plan
2.Formative and Summative Evaluation – Check medline articles for some helpful information on this topic.
3.Details of Evaluation Plan
3.Data Analysis


you have identified a health promotion issue and identified a potential intervention. You have also completed a comprehensive review of the literature and now will integrate that information to create an intervention designed to address the health promotion issue. As you create the intervention, try to keep your focus on an intervention that you will be able to evaluate, which is the next and final step in the project.

Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Summarize the intervention plan, incorporating any comments from the facilitator.

Discuss the potential formative and summative approaches to the evaluation.

Provide the details of the evaluation plan, including tools, process, and any data analysis.

Followed APA guidelines


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