Health-related research problems

health-related research problems

Using the conceptual analysis exercise on the bottom of page 42 of your text as a guide, prepare five proposed health-related research problems. There are problems all around you!

The research problems should be two to three sentences in length. They may not be the same research problems proposed in the conceptual analysis exercise being used for reference. Each proposed research problem should include at least one independent and one dependent variable. For a few of the problems, try to enhance the difficulty by including at least one moderating or mediating variable as well. Explain why you believe the selected the variables represent the independent, dependent, moderating, or mediating variable.

The format should be as follows:

1. Problem statement: In this study, I will examine the possible effects of regular physical exercise on the health and longevity of laboratory rats.

Independent variable: Physical exercise, because this is the variable that I will be changing to determine what influence it has on the dependent variable.

Dependent variable: There are two – health and longevity. These are the dependent variables because I believe there is a connection between how much a rat exercises, and the outcome of both health and how long they live.

Moderating variable: None

Mediating variable: None

2. Problem Statement: I propose to study the degree to which text anxiety may influence test performance by increasing the frequency of distracting thoughts.

Independent variable: Test anxiety is the independent variable because this is what will change or vary during the course of study.

Dependent variable: Test performance is the dependent variable because this is the ultimate outcome of interest.

Moderating variable: None

Mediating variable: Distracting thoughts are a mediating variable because I believe the level of anxiety will impact the degree to which one has distracting thoughts, which in turn impacts test performance.

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