Healthcare Economics

Healthcare Economics This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity for each student to explore the economic perspective of a selected healthcare issue. Regulation and legislation have brought about changes in the delivery and financing of healthcare. At times, competitive markets and legislative forces have restructured healthcare delivery systems. According to Feldstein (2011), an economic approach is useful for understanding the need for changes in healthcare. After reading/reviewing the unit ˜Resources’ (posted in the œLessons), each student must search the literature and select a professional journal article related to healthcare economics to serve as a topic of your initial post for this discussion. The student must use additional references to provide a substantive discussion of the healthcare economics topic. As stated in course syllabus: Extensive Library work is expected. Students are expected to engage in heavy use of the available literature surrounding the topics in the course including texts, journals, and online information resources. The content of the initial posts will vary depending on the topic selected. The initial post should be approximately 1000 words. The discussion should be written in a formal style, and adhere to APA guidelines. Organized flow, logical progression of ideas, and clarity in thought processes are essential. Liberal use of references. Please be sure to post your initial post by due dateto provide others an opportunity to respond. Once the initial discussions are posted in your assigned group, each student will select a different topic and crosspost to another student’s work. Crossposts should be substantive and are to intended to critique the content of the initial post for completeness and accuracy and add to the topic by discussing an additional point to the initial post. Crossposts should be approximately 500 words with liberal use of references. All assignments are individual student assignments “ there will be no group work; however, for this assignment, students will be separated into 2 groups, Groups 1 & 2. Students can refer to the ˜roster’ under ˜site management’ (from course home) for group assignments. Students are only separated into groups to reduce the number of students posting in a discussion area. For this assignment, the student will: Search the literature and select a Healthcare Economics journal article. The topic selected will serve as a topic of your initial post for this discussion. Post the APA citation for the selected article in the Forum ˜Healthcare Economics Article Selection Area’. Write an initial class discussion on your selected topic (in the Forums ˜Healthcare Economics Discussion’ Area). Your initial post should be copied and pasted into the discussion area “ Do not attach documents that require opening to read. Write a crosspost to another student’s class discussion (in the Forums ˜Healthcare Economics Discussion’ Area). Your cross post should be copied and pasted into the discussion area “ Do not attach documents that require opening to read (cross posts are not required to be submitted to turnitin). Submit pdf copy of your initial post, crosspost, and turnitin report (initial post) merged into one document in the designated ˜Assignment’ area. The first student to select and post the article they have selected in the ˜Forums’ Healthcare Economics Topic Selection Area’ will be the one to post in the forum about the topic. The first student to list the APA citation for the article will ˜own’ that topic for the class discussion. You will have an opportunity to discuss another health issue in your cross post. Please select ˜view full description’ of all posts to ensure that the topic has not been already chosen by another student before posting your topic selection in the ˜Topic Selection Area’. See Course Calendar for the due dates for topic selection, initial post, and cross post. Scholarship Expectations You are clinical nurse scholars in the making. You are the advanced practice nurses and members of the highly literate profession of advanced practice nurses who will chart the future of health care. Good writing ability is as much a required skill for nursing in advanced practice as performing clinical functions. Therefore, precision and scholarship is expected in all assignments. Organized and logical progression of idea; effort and attention to detail is evident; communicates effectively in all aspects of discussion. Correct grammar, spelling, and word choice. Liberal number of references including peer reviewed journals. References are current. Appropriately paraphrased, and acknowledged. Correct use of APA. See grading rubric on following page.

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