healthcare leader

assingment #1 You can pick any female healthcare leader thats a CEO of a hospital. Theme: Pick a Canadian or International Healthcare Leader and Profile/Analyze their Leadership path (including system/institution/people impact if possible) with a direct connection to the topics we�ve covered in class (you can use topics in the Sept 26 lecture). Looking for creativity, some thought on a person�s path, how they�ve developed�competencies gained, challenges overcome�how do you know that they are a leader? Written Assignment ” Requirements Title page with title of paper, your name, student number, Professors names, course number, and date of submission Printed on 8.5� by 11� paper or A4 Font of 12 point one and a half spaced (prefer Arial/Helvetica) 1.25� margins Spellchecked and grammar checked Use APA style Endnotes or footnotes plus a list of references appended Short paper no longer than 4 pages of content (excludes title page and endnotes and references.) Grade Deductions: Written Assignments that do not conform to the above requirements will be docked a half letter grade (i.e. an A paper will become an A-). Late Written Assignments are subject to a 2% per day penalty (including weekend days) unless the professor is advised and approves date change, in advance, of illness or other extenuating circumstances. All illnesses must be documented with a proper physician�s note stating explicitly the inability to complete work and the timeframe for which work is to be delayed. � Written Assignments ” Evaluation Scheme � Content: Did I make a clear argument? Did my document properly address its intended audience? Did I use data or other references to support my arguments/assertions/ideas? Did I reference the work of others properly? Did I move beyond a summary of references to provide my own analysis? Style & Organization: Was my writing easy to read? Was the document free from spelling and grammatical errors? Have I shown evidence of having learned to edit and revise my own work? Originality: Did I show evidence of having thought analytically?

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