Healthcare Policy (healthcare reform)

Healthcare Policy (healthcare reform) This paper is for a course regarding health care policies and economics (topical also involved health care reform and something about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and a health care provider as patient advocate to influence health policy¦ use journal literatures, text, as well as personal opinions to explore the following: 1. Identify a key problem (like increasing aging population that increases health spent, impact on health care) in the health of Americans (and discuss its impact on health care systems. 2. What do you see as the fundamental health policy and economic issues moving forward in health care as they relate to this problem? 3. Discuss the key factors that influence health policy in general. 4. Discuss ways to participate in the health care arena as a nurse/health care advocate that is empowered to influence health policy and/or the application of health policy within organizations. Consider organizational, state and national levels and your personal beliefs and passions as they have evolved during the course.

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