healthcare programs and FDA requirements

healthcare programs and FDA requirements Background: Pharmaceutical and medical device companies have policies in place that requires all oftheir employees to comply fully with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations in every aspect oftheir business, including marketing, promoting, selling, advertising, contracting for, research, development, the provision ofinformation about and, as required, reporting prices for, products that are reimbursed by the government and private insurers. Employees are expected to comply with all applicable Federal and state healthcare programs and FDA requirements, as well as the company’s own policies and procedures. lnstructions: Forthis Ouiz you are to research the US Federal Government laws to prevent, detect, and punish healthcare fraud and abuse, such as the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, Federal False Claims Act, and other civil and criminal laws. In addition to the Federal Government, many states have enacted similar laws. You are to provide a 3-4 page paper discussing at a minimum the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, Federal False Claims Act a at least one state (I leave the state up to you to research) false claims act. Your discussion should discuss each ofthe laws, describe what it does, who it impacts, and ramifications ifthe law is not followed. Don’t forget to include your name on the quiz and reference. Use Times New Roman Font size 12, double spaced and standard margins.

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