healthly people 2020 leading indicators

healthly people 2020 leading indicators

Assess Individual and Community Needs for Health Education; specifically, the ability to access existing health-related data; select valid sources of information about health needs and interests; use computerized sources of health related information; identify diverse factors that influence health behaviors, identify behaviors that tend to promote or compromise health.

Area of Responsibility II: Plan Health Education Strategies, Interventions, and Programs; specifically, learning about appropriate and measurable program objectives.

Responsibility VI: Serve as a Health Education Resource Person; specifically, the ability to access and use health-related information resources, and employ electronic technology for retrieving references.

The ultimate goal/purpose of the Session Long Project (SLP) is to explore health promotion related to the leading health indicators for the United States. Throughout the session, some of the SLP assignments will appear to be the same, but each will focus on Healthy People leading indicators covered in that particular module.

Your supervisor has asked you to write a brief report on the Healthy People 2020 information for your peers at the Health Department.

Using the information from Healthy People 2020 link for the issue you chose, and your own scholarly research, please write a 2-page paper that includes the following:

1. A brief description of the health issue.

2. Statistics regarding its impact on health (for example, number of people who have it, deaths, disabilities, costs to society, how it affects or is affected by health behaviors, etc.). You can give local, state, or national statistics.

3. Clearly specify at least 1 behavioral, 1 environmental, 1 social, and 1 biological factor that put an individual at risk of having the health issue.

4. List at least 2 of Healthy People 2020s health promotion objectives related specifically to this issue. You should copy them from HP2020, use quotation marks, and cite the source. What data sources will be used for measuring progress toward those objectives?

5. Identify at least 1 resource for people with the health issue you chose. Briefly describe the resource. List the name and the direct Web site address for the resource. It can be a brochure, an intervention, an organization, a model program, etc.

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