Heart Failure

Assessment 3: Case study


This exam is meant to motivate you to apply theory to your work. It is intended to improve your capacity to recognize, comprehend, and critically evaluate the complex problems experienced by patients with severe heart illness.

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Pick a patient you are caring for. It’s crucial to get the patient’s permission and uphold their privacy. You must provide a script of the words you used to ask for the patient’s consent in your written submission. The patient’s consent must be mentioned as well.

Send in a written analysis, discussion, and review of the clinical presentation and treatment of that patient. You must emphasize the management and care provided by nurses.

The conversation might only include a little excerpt from a crucial time, or it might cover a lengthy episode of care.

selection of patients

Choose a patient with an EF of 35% and/or NYHA class III or IV if your primary area of expertise is interventional cardiology.

All other pupils pick a patient who possesses at least one of the traits listed below.

• Obtrusive observation

• Intonates

• Intermittent pacing


• IV glycemic control

NOTE: Your patient must also have findings from blood tests (UEC, FBC, etc.), an ECG, and a CXR. You can upload the best outcomes.


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