Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Art History: Castagnary’s C

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Art History: Castagnary’s Critical Anaylsis of Manet’s ‘Exhibition on Blvd des Capucines’ Supported by 3 Impressionist Paintings. It needs to be at least 1500 words.
Download file to see previous pages This essay describes an article titled “L’exposition du boulevard des Capucines – les imprissionistes” written on April 29, 1874 for La Siecle, Jules Castagnary sets out to investigate the claims that a new school of painting has been born. The researcher describes that he is interested in discovering what are the aims and objectives of this new school, its distinctive features, its elements of style and its contribution to contemporary art of his day. The problem that Castagnary sets out to solve is the examination of why a new school of thought in painting faces such opposition and whether or not the painters of this school are indeed the rejects in the field of art. He is faced with the claim made by the jury, that these painters are revolutionaries and subversive elements of the social order. In his article he points to the determination of these artists to proceed with their art and their display of their paintings in a fellow artist’s home. They represented contemporary art, a move away from religious subjects towards science and reason – a portrayal of real life. They represent a new technique, a new school, a new style that allowed a painter to challenge his viewer to blend the colors through optical illusion. They are special because they portray warmth, nature and real life subjects – time distilled and moments captured forever on canvas. To conclude, the researcher sums up that these paintings allowed people to see for themselves, feel for themselves and think for themselves – they were a part of Enlightenment.

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