Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Delirium and dementia. It n

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Delirium and dementia. It needs to be at least 500 words.
People with dementia are always alert. they have normal sleep-wake cycles, normal attention, and do not hallucinate. However, they have difficulty in their speech (Pathy, et al., 2012).
Dementia is the loss of memory, thinking, and reasoning. It occurs when various parts o the brain that carry out the functions of decision-making, learning, language and memory are affected or infected. Alzheimers disease, HIV-1 infection, and vascular are all types and causes of dementia. Alzheimers disease occurs when two types of brain cell (neuron) are damaged. This interferes with cognitive abilities of a person, which finally affects parts of the brain that control movement, language, memory, behavior, judgment, theoretical thinking and language. Vascular causes are due to of damaged brain. This occurs due to experienced problems associated with the arteries serving the brain or heart. On the other hand, HIV-1 infection destroys the brain matter, leading to loss of concentration, apathy, memory lose and social problems. Moreover, HIV-1 infection often leads to movement problems (Mayoclinic.com, 1998).
In mild mental retardation, the symptoms are often not noticed until the child gets into school. Children with mild mental retardation are not social and always experience learning problems in school. These children go to school until they reach a particular level, most probably up to grade 6, from which it becomes almost impossible to continue with education. However, between this age and adulthood, the child is in a position of acquiring enough job and life skills to cater for his future life. On the other hand, the symptoms of profound mental retardation are observed when the child is still an infant. During this period, there is no coordination in the infant’s muscles and hence impossible for the child to reach developmental stages in growth. These developmental stages include, sitting

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