Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Identification report. It n

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Identification report. It needs to be at least 500 words.
The office is a large room on the 3rd floor with minimalistic design. The writing table at the window is almost idle with Tajewski’s computer, a deed box and a phone on its surface. The cabinet standing on the left is filled with files and documents with the external hard drive of 2TB capacity and a flash drive of 15 GB capacity on the bottom shelf.
First and foremost, it move on to access and check Tajewski’s computer for suspicious data. Having got a password from his manager, I launch file check in order to identify files that have any coincidences with those that have been stolen. The files need to be examined for any text matches with the stolen ones.
Proceeding with the investigation, I detect and check all recent data including deleted files using a files recovery program (Handy Recovery): this will help me to identify if the suspect tried to dispose of the stolen property in this way. Recycler bin is also checked as well as all the folders requiring passwords. Going further, I check all the files in order to identify and collect the data that wasn’t created on this computer and has no PC administrator’s signature. Setting the date filter on files, I sort out all the files that have been created or copied after the theft. All these files must be taken for an expertise to Champlain Forensics, Inc. At my our next step, I perform a detailed check of Mr. Tajowski’s mailings and contacts as it can give us a hint on his complicity for the crime (especially if there are attempts to sell the stolen property to a third party). I make a copy of the mailing history and the contact list.
Having finished with the computer, I proceed with check of all external media present in the room. I check all the files on the flash drive as well as on the hard drive sorting them by the date and testing for text match. Next I

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