Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Internet and Children: How

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Internet and Children: How does the internet affect our children. It needs to be at least 1500 words.
s of children are being exposed to a range of online threats at an increasingly young age, according to new figures, with less than half of parents using parental controls to block unsuitable material”. Internet has a significant influence on children and can damage their life if used inappropriately on a social,
physical and mental basis.
Children engage on internet for longer hours and they are physically affected by it. The children are sitting and interaction on internet which make them sedentary and dull. In young age children need lot of physical movement and internet spoils their health. The food habit of children are poor nowadays and added with internet it makes children obese. Moreover, internet can spoil their eyes as computer is bad for eyesight if used for long time. Children are also becoming more of technological obsessed and participating less in social activities which make them lethargic and redundant.
Today children are more interactive on internet rather than elders. Children being curious and inspiring are more attracted to internet than other age groups. They get more facilities on internet like music, movies, games, social network sites and graphics. So they are glued to internet for long hours to get entertained and informed. Today people are using internet for various reasons like to educate themselves, communication purpose and for entertainment. However, the crime and vulgarity on internet is high and children are consistently exposed to such things through internet. Children often freely interact on internet and have no control or guidance from elders.
It may not be ideal to suggest that children should no work on internet but they need to on restriction to avoid any mishaps in future. Internet is highly informative and children can construct their life with it but the danger hidden in it can spoil children in many ways. The internet use has become ubiquitous and children have also become keener on using it. The internet does have a

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