Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Need an Abstract only(Urgen

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Need an Abstract only(Urgent). It needs to be at least 500 words.
Specifically, we sought to inquire about the number of top quality artists that they ever signed or produced songs for, the financial benefits and rewards that they have in terms of turnover in the last fiscal year. Similarly, we sought to inquire if there were any losses or any other unexpected financial loss that they firm or company incurred during the lifecycle of the label existence.
In order to arrive at our inferences and conclusion, we did online interviews and face to face interviews. We sent them structured questions through their websites with the aim of getting answers or responses in line of the areas of our research interest. It is important to note and record that they were candid and honest with us to answer and respond to our questions to the level best of their knowledge. Similarly, we paid them a courtesy call and visited them in person at their production house. The physical visit was aimed at getting the feel of the physical infrastructure, the music production equipment, the talent present in terms of the technical production and the artists and the general mood of the management of streamsoundrecords in terms of their vision and mission for the company and its growth.
During the interview process both online and physical, we arrived at the indisputable truth and fact on what makes the streamsoundrecords to prosper and grow with each passing day. To begin with, they have the best producer in the business, Byron Gallimore, who has produced amazing hits for the last forty years. His skills, talents, experience and expertise has been of good value and worth for the growth and success of the streamsoundrecords label. Secondly, the label only signs artists who have shown a higher pedigree of talent and quality for country music. This is to say that they attract talent which they can fine tune to produce good music relevant in the market for consumption.
Our hypothetical stance was

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