Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Painters Keys Community. It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Painters Keys Community. It needs to be at least 500 words.
These may all sound different from each perspective such as a painter might not be able to play the piano nor dance and a musician might not be able to paint, sculpt, or dance, but this fact does not alter the fact about art forms being related to one another.
Just when a dance cannot be possibly performed without a piece – one that is a product of rhythmic and melodic tune – music is a necessity for a dance performance. H
ence, a musical composer arranges his piece, which may be potentially used as a piece for a dance performance, while the choreographer relies his dance steps to the beat of the musical arranger. Likewise, a painter, a sculptor, and an architect, despite incongruity of their art forms, all agree towards the universal knowledge of lines, curves, and colors, which they use as a fundamental basis of their artwork. These are just few examples of how various artists function as a whole.
The realm of arts takes a wide variety of forms in which people from various walks of life engage themselves for various reasons. One thing is certain though, that they undertake it for purposes of self-expression, entertainment, and appreciation enabling their rather drab existence become an artful and a less-menacing one. As artists express themselves through their artworks, they deliver a distinct essence of art appreciation rooted in history and social interaction. All artworks are thus, a product of both individual and social perceptions in which the artist partakes in his social surrounding and reflects this through his art. His art, whatever form it is, reflects the human condition, the social trend, and the human passion at the time it was created. It is to this end that various artists function as a whole in the realm of the arts.
Another unifying factor of various artists is the incessant intent of the arts towards appreciation. This is one of the fundamental functions of the arts, if not ultimate, embodied in every piece of work as the

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