Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Pastoral Epistles Authorshi

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Pastoral Epistles Authorship. It needs to be at least 1250 words.
In the book of ACTS of Apostles we learn about how Paul was converted to an individual believing in Jesus Christ. In the ACTS he is portrayed as a cruel man who persecuted and killed those who believed in Jesus Christ. In the Acts of the Apostles the speeches of the apostles seem to advocate for Christianity as a religion for every human being. Paul in particular says that salvation was not meant for the Jews but also for the Gentiles (Harrington, 2008).
The apostles talked of the Holy Spirit and how he guided most of them during trials before roman authorities and while preaching. In reference to Towner (2009), the apostles were categorical about prayers and insisted on prayers as a way to reach the father through His son Jesus Christ. It is especially important to note that Paul spoke about oppression of the weak and marginalized in the society .we draw that Paul passed a clear message that as much as Christianity was universal everyone deserves a better treatment (Towner, 2009).
It is because of Pauls faith that he was imprisoned by the Romans. Paul bore witness to Jesus Christ of whom the Jewish authorities refused to accept as the promised messiah. He was deeply concerned with the manner in which the Christians conducted themselves and the qualifications an individual had to posses in assuming any leadership position in the early church (Liefed, 1999).
It was difficult for new convert to stand firm and deep rooted into Christianity. Paul had to guide them all the way. It is here that the Pastoral Epistles came about. Liefed (1999) asserts that when Paul was released by the Romans he travelled to Asia Minor. He passed through Ephesus and Crete. It is in these places that he left Timothy and Titus to be pastor’s respectively. Paul was concerned about the organization of the church. This portrays him as a person who upheld order (Harrington, 2008).
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