Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Personal statement to LSE M

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Personal statement to LSE MScFinance. It needs to be at least 1000 words.
The two wonderful years that I have studied with this fine institutionwo-year experience at th have further intensified my interest in this subject. It has been a joy to tackle difficult problems in my Corporate Finance course. I am happy to see how financial theories are closely linked to everyday functions.
I appreciate mechanism of successful agile investors who are quick to spot market opportunities and foster business ideas. Therefore, I am very excited to explore more about corporate finance, financial valuations and forecasting. Pursuing a Masters will not only equip me with relevant professional knowledge but also broaden my future career path. LSE is the ideal choice for me because of its internationally renowned reputation, strong expertise in finance related areas as well as the sophisticated career services that are on offer.
I believe that studying accounting and finance for my Bachelors degree has further prepared me for a Masters in a finance-related field. Studying financial accounting modules has taught me how to prepare financial statements, extract crucial information from company reports and evaluate and compare businesses. On the other hand,aking managerial accounting and auditing courses have helped me to make strategic business decisions, cultivate greater commercial and business awareness and, at the same time, given me a deeper understanding of contemporary regulatory environments.
Finance has always been my favorite subject. It is marvellous to see how sophisticated products, such as futures and swaps, have been specially tailored for clients to transfer risks between counterparties. I have also enjoyed studying the behaviors of stock prices and empirical tests of asset pricing models. Economics is another subject that has always been appealing to me. Business cycle models and international trade theories have helped me to better understand government policies and the macro

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