Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Personality Theory and Asse

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Personality Theory and Assessment. It needs to be at least 500 words.
It explains the personality theory in a narrow scope. Similarly, it hinders further research on personality theory hence limiting knowledge on the same.
In his theory of personality, Freud argues that the conflict and structures in a person mind shape his personality. He highlights structures of the mind such as ego, id, and superego. He also explains how conflicts among structures of the mind determine a person personality. Some of the concepts used in psychology today differ from Freud’s ideas. The modern-day psychologists do not apply some of the concepts presented in Freud’s theory. For instance, psychologists have criticized concepts in Freud’s theory such as oedipal complex and castration anxiety.
On the contrary, Freud’s theory still applies to the modern world. His theory led to the development of psychoanalysis used today to treat mental illnesses. Moreover, it provides a rich history of psychology applied to learn psychology in the modern world. Besides, the theory provides approaches to psychological disorders applied today.
Hitlers biography shows that his poor childhood contributed to his actions in adulthood. He did not channel his leadership skills displayed in primary school to good use. The depression he experienced after world war also contributed to his dictatorship tendencies. Hitler’s personality was formed from the characters he had developed before rising to power. He could not tolerate criticism, had a desire for revenge, had a tendency of holding grudges and was a bully.
Moreover, the series of challenges that Hitler faced as a child influenced his personality. According to Freud, psychosexual stages during childhood influence the development of an individuals personality. He asserts that an individual has to complete psychosexual stages successfully in order to develop a good personality. It is evident that Hitler did not complete his psychosexual stages successfully as a child.

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