Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Psy 200. It needs to be at

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Psy 200. It needs to be at least 750 words.
In this experiment, a majority of the participants would conform to a social norm or any norm such as in the control experiment. Participants were so irritated especially in the second condition in which they faced a violation of a social norm. they felt like their privacy was being violated when the social was violated with someone standing too close,
especially people of the same gender. They emotionally felt so angry and disgusted when asked to violate the norm-standing too close when talking to someone. It is worth noting that, it was especially different for people who somehow knew each other, they tend to enjoy the violation. In the case of condition 1, there were emotional reactions displayed when participants were asked to conform. Not all the participants were comfortable doing norm violation especially for the second condition. but in condition one, the participants asked to violate the norm had no problems. As far as condition one is concerned, on thing was very clear, the participants willingness to go along with social pressures was much stronger than their beliefs to stand up for what their individually know or believe as true. On the other hand, participants in the second condition believed in going along with social norms and were not prepared to go against it.
For the first condition, it is apparent that people were willing not willing to violate the social norm because they did not want to feel different from the rest. they were more concerned with what the others might think, and believed that, majority rules. However, in the second condition, people did not want to violate the social norm because they felt it was not the right thing to since it was violating on people’s privacy or making the conversion difficult. It was very easy to approach males than it was to approach ladies who felt enthusiastic to participate. Most men

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