Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Role of social media for bu

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Role of social media for business. It needs to be at least 250 words.
All this information is of great value to websites that we visit. Social networks operate on the development of tools to help marketers reach their goals through a time where people spend a significant penalty of their time in the use of these sites as Facebook Twitter Instagram etc.
To begin with, social media helps to know the target customers, such as data that put by them in Facebook, such as age, nationality, geographical location, educational attainment, and tastes in entertainment choices and brands Favorites. All of these data allows marketers to get close to their customers and more than enable companies marketing their products easily. An example of this is the oil companies, Apple, television channels, magazines and newspapers companies, perfumes, makeup health tools, medicines and slimming products.
Moreover, Social networking sites help to improve the quality because it can compare each company between its products and products of other companies and read peoples opinions and comments on networking sites. For example comparisons between Smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung. Not only the major companies that will promote itself through social networking sites, but also ordinary people who have small businesses or working from inside their homes and who cannot afford to pay huge amounts of money for advertising about their companies or do not have sufficient funds to support their business, So social media is a very effective tool for them. To support this fact I would like to share my own example. Two years back I started working as freelancer for cake decoration. I did not have enough sources to run my freelancing work but at that time social media helped me to reach at the people and I generated so many customers online for me. I started promoting my work on Instagram I open an account and I added some photographs of

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