Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Social work. It needs to be

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Social work. It needs to be at least 500 words.
My discussion topics slowly by slowly changed and all my talk began to be around the issues that the society encounters. The quest to serve brought a lot of detachment from friends and family. At times I encountered very moving issues that I kept thinking about till late in the night, losing sleep in the process.
As a result, the level of productivity began to dwindle. This was enough evidence of leading a stressed life.
To counter this, I found it necessary to separate personal life from work related issues. This was made possible by adhering to work schedule and exiting work when time was up. At first it felt like I was neglecting some needy members of the society but with time I adjusted. Creating time for family and friends also helped to separate work from personal life and increase productivity. According to Kossek & Lautsch (2008), creating a proper work-life balance increases the overall productivity of workers.
Having many friends is always something that many people want and crave for. Having that one friend who you can rely on at all times is even more important. As a social worker in a relationship, I have always had someone with whom I can share challenging issues. This has been an added advantage and a way to prevent accumulation of stress. According to Merelo Guervós (2002), sharing disturbing issues with someone who is ready to listen prevents the possibility of the issues to be stressful. Sharing problems is to some extent a way of solving problems. This relationship has aided the performance at work, since it helps to develop a feeling that there is someone who trusts in you and one who can always be there to help whenever faced with challenges.
As much as having many friends has a lot of benefits, it also has its negative implications. This is especially where some friends are out to take advantage of

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